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This section of the site is dedicated to all things Tours & Attractions.

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Touch base with someone in your direct field! Our volunteers are here to provide insight, based on their own experience, and can work with you via email or on a one-to-one call.

Just email us and our tours and attractions volunteer captain will get back with you.

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Curated News & Resources For Your Sector

Click here for free webinars relating to the COVID19 response.

Click here for free webinars on fundraising during a crisis.

Click here for best practices for cleaning and disinfecting your museum/ attraction.

Click here for webinar archives and free resources.

Click here for courses on cultural institution crises response.

Click here for their ultimate guide to virtual museum resources, e-learning, and online collections.

Click here for their list of resources.

Click here for their excellent list of webinars, blogs and research.

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We are a team of tourism industry folks from all over.


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